Work/Life balance is hard

Helloooo! Firstly, I think I need to apologise for not being a great blogger since Arthur came along! I sort of expected that while he was tiny, but I naively thought that when I went back to work and things got back to normal that I’d find a routine that worked for us, and still have a bit of time for myself for things like blogging…oh how wrong I was! 🙈

I was really lucky that I had a load of leave to take and my boss was happy for me to use it to work part time hours when I first went back to work, so from July until Christmas I worked part time which was such a nice balance between having time with Arthur and having time to be something other than just mumma, but since I went back after Christmas I’ve been full time and it has been a shock to the system to say the least! I love work and I’m really lucky that I work with a great bunch of people, but I’m up and out the door before Arthur wakes up in the morning and by the time I get home from work and sort dinner for us all I’m lucky to get an hour with Arthur before he goes to bed, and that hour is generally when he’s at his worst because he’s tired and grumpy! Then when the weekend rolls around there’s all the housework and washing and food shopping to do, and so I rush around like a blue arsed fly on a Saturday trying to get everything done as quickly as possible so that I can spend a few hours with Arthur before he goes to bed and so that I can then flop on the sofa with Paul in the evening, because I also barely seen him all week.

All in all, it’s a juggling act that I don’t feel as though I’m hugely on top of at the moment and it has resulted in a couple of meltdowns from me this week! Unfortunately going part time isn’t an affordable option for us so it’s not as simple as just working less hours either. So, this week I finally got equipment to be able to work from home. I’m really hoping that on the weeks that I’m really struggling with the work life balance and shitty mum guilt that having the option of working from home will help ease that. It certainly gives me a bit more flexibility which I think will help.

Arthur’s starting at nursery next month 3 mornings a week so with a bit of luck that’ll mean Paul gets more done while he’s child free and hopefully we’ll get more family time in the evenings and on weekends as a result. It’s definitely a balancing act, but we’re doing our best and muddling through, and most importantly of all, Arthur is a lovely happy, confident little boy so clearly we’re doing something right! He had his first settling in session in nursery this week and it went really well! He thoroughly enjoyed himself, although he did steal a little girl’s sandwich out of her hand and scoffed it! 🙈😂 they’re going to think we don’t feed him! I’ve felt so torn about sending him to nursery, but I feel like he’s the right age now. He seems to need that stimulation and to be around other kids his age so I think it’ll be really good for him even if it does scare the crap out of me!

And in other news, I’ve recently done an interview with Slimming World to be featured as a success story on their website which was such a thrill for me. After having Arthur, I really stacked the weight on (who knew that a diet of coffee, cake and take aways over six months adds up to a mammoth weight gain?!) and found myself feeling fat and frumpy and not at all the yummy mummy I wanted to be! So I joined slimming world online in Jan 2016 and by the time we got married 10 months later, I’d lost 3 stone 12.5lbs purely by following the slimming world plan. I don’t have time to go to a gym or a class so I walk wherever I can whenever I can, but beyond that exercise really hasn’t been a part of my weight loss. I’m so much happier and healthier now, and really glad I found a long term diet that works for the whole family. My article goes live on the slimming world websites next month, so if anyone out there reading this is a member, keep an eye out!

And that’s about it I think! Hopefully I won’t leave it so long next time…

Arthur around Christmas time. 💗


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