Birthday Boy! 

Hello lovely people! Firstly let me apologise for not posting in a VERY long time. I think between motherhood, and then going back to work and planning a wedding (oh yeah I’m getting married in November by the way!) life just sort of got in the way a bit! 

So, a quick update on what I’ve been up to aside from being a mummy! We moved house. Again. This time to a much bigger house with a garden, much more suitable for a growing boy to play in and cause mischief. Then I went back to work after taking a whole year off. I’ve been back in work, albeit part time, for the last couple of weeks and I have to say that I’m really enjoying it. I love Arthur, and I’m so glad and so lucky that I was able to take a whole year off work to spend with him, but it is lovely to have adult conversation again and be able to use my brain for something other than planning meals and wiping bums! At the moment I’m working three days a week, which will go up to 4 days a week in September and then full time in January. Three days a week is a lovely balance between work and home life, but we just can’t afford for me to permanently drop my hours. I guess we’ll just see how we go when January comes. Paul is at home with Arthur now being daddy day care while I’m at work. Poor sod works in the evenings once Arthur has gone to bed, so it isn’t an easy juggling act for him, but he is enjoying it and at the moment it’s working for us all. If at some point it stops working for us, then we’ll revisit the idea of a nursery. But that’s a “cross that bridge when we come to it” scenario! 

And yes, we booked our wedding. We haven’t given ourselves long – just four months from booking it to actually getting married but it’s all coming together nicely and we’re all really excited! 

And finally, my now big boy turned one on Saturday. We celebrated with a party at home, and I made not one, but two birthday cakes so that one could be used for a cake smash! I must admit, the cake smash didn’t exactly go according to plan….Arthur cried. A lot! But we have some funny pictures of it that he will just love me for when he’s 18! 

So that’s about it really, I’ve added some pictures of the birthday boy – just look at how much he’s changed! He’s such a sweet, funny little thing with a really funny little personality now. People keep asking us when we’re having another one….my answer (after a visible shudder at the thought of the hellish newborn months!) is that we couldn’t possibly improve on perfection, so why try! We’re very happy being a family of three for now. 



3 thoughts on “Birthday Boy! ”

  1. I read the tittle of this post and was so confused because I thought “he can’t possibly be one already?!?!” You made it through the first year mama. Arthur is precious and I’m so happy for all the good news in your life. 😘

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    1. Thank you so much! It is insane how quickly this last year has gone though! I can’t quite believe he’s already one, and walking and saying actual words and just generally being a little person! Crazy! Not long left for you now! I’m so so excited for you!

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