On countdown… 

35 weeks and counting! I can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy has gone. I’m going to miss it so much!

I’m still feeling pretty good and actually for the last week I’ve slept so well, which makes a huge difference. It seems like since I got pregnant sleep has been my enemy. I’ve regularly woken any time between 1am – 4am and then had to go and do a full day’s work and function as a real human being. While I’m sure this is great practice for the early days of motherhood, it certainly didn’t feel great so being able to sleep through until 7 or 8 is pure bliss now!

I have religiously applied all manner of lotions and potions to my bump since the very beginning in the vain hope that I’d avoid or at least minimise stretch marks…and I felt quite smug that it seemed to be working. Until the last couple of weeks that is when a bunch of ugly red stretch marks appeared all across my lower belly. Yuck. They aren’t very pretty and I can’t say I love that aspect of my bump or pregnancy, however they are a small price to pay for a healthy and happy little boy so I try not to dwell on it too much. They’ll fade with time and frankly, I’ve never had a gorgeous flat stomach anyway so it’s no great loss I guess! 

Over the last few days I’ve had the feeling that something is happening. I’ve had a terrible backache for the last week, which seems to be getting tighter and more uncomfortable each day, I’ve also had period like pains for the last few days and nausea and dizziness on and off. I feel like my cervix is achey too…I don’t know how else to describe it other than a bit like that ache you get inside when you have your period. Obviously I’ve consulted Dr Google and it seems that either this is totally normal pregnancy stuff, or the very early stages of labour. So as usual googling really wasn’t any help! I’m seeing my midwife in the morning so I’ll run it all past her and see what she says. I haven’t felt like there’s anything wrong, and little man is still wriggling around plenty so he’s happy enough and honestly, I think when I mention it to my midwife she’ll send me in to hospital *just in case* and since she’s likely to send me tomorrow anyway for another growth scan (we’ve gone from measuring big to measuring small) I don’t think there’s much point ringing now and spending two days in hospital, probably unnecessarily. So unless I start getting regular contractions or my waters go I’m happy enough to stay put, get massages from Paul and sitting on my birthing ball! I only hope I can stay this calm throughout labour and delivery! 

So, on to the things I’m looking forward to after giving birth! I have so enjoyed being pregnant, and once I’d finally stopped stressing about the possibility of another miscarriage I eased in to pregnancy and found the whole thing (yes even those icky stretch marks) a real joy. That said, I have missed being able to eat pâte, pink steak, blue/goats cheeses and of course drinking a lovely big glass of wine. I am going to stock my fridge with all these lovely things and thoroughly enjoy tucking in as soon as I get home from the hospital! I also can’t wait to see my little man in all his cute little outfits. I’m so excited to meet him now and see who he looks like. I know it’s going to be hard, and a very steep learning curve but we have so much support and help if/when we need it that I’m really not worried. I think we’ll do just fine. 😊

I’m sooooo excited and impatient to meet him! Hurry up little man! 💙 


7 thoughts on “On countdown… ”

  1. I love this 💙 I’m 34+3 and for the last few days I’ve had alllll the same things as you. The backache is beyond 🙈 in my last pregnancy labour began a few days after these signs started. Although I’d prefer him to keep baking for another 3 weeks these little aches and niggles make me rather excited!

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    1. Ahhh that’s so exciting! I called my local labour ward for advice this evening and they’ve told me to come in and bring my bag and baby’s things…so clearly they think this could be it!! 😊 so excited, although like you I’d prefer it if he baked a little longer too! I’ll keep you all posted! Good luck to you! 💙

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  2. I had the same symptoms from about a week before I gave birth at 36+3. You’re nearly there! I’m going to miss your pregnancy blog, it’s made me start to think about the joys of having another baby rather than stressing about miscarriage or PND – I hope you’ll keep it up after little man arrives! X

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    1. Ooh now you’ve got me even more excited!!! 😆 thank you lovely, that means a lot. I’m definitely planning on keeping up with the blog – it’s a sort of therapy and always brings out plenty of support from other ladies so I never feel alone in anything I experience for long. 😊 X


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