“Ooh you must be due any day now”… 

Well I’m not!

In fact I’m not due for another 3 months yet, but that doesn’t stop people telling me how huge I am or comparing me to various modes of transport (and no, I’m really not joking. A colleague genuinely told me I looked like the front of a ship this week) 

It’s not that I mind. I mean I am growing a person after all so I totally expected my body to change and I’m embracing that and actually loving that my body is doing this amazing thing, but it does irk me that people seem to think it’s completely acceptable to point out just how huge you are! It’s just plain rude if you ask me. I wouldn’t dream of telling someone they looked huge – pregnant or otherwise! Particularly as I’m still eating healthily, I haven’t gained weight anywhere but my bump (OK, and my boobs which were cartoon big before I was pregnant so now are competing with the bump as to which stands more prominent!) but, I certainly haven’t just thought “sod it! I’m eating for two pass the chocolate!” The weight I’ve gained is good weight, healthy weight, baby growing weight. I’m ok with that so frankly, anyone else can just kiss my (apparently now fat) ass. 

The thing that annoys me the most with this though is that I’m thick skinned, and I’m comfortable with my body and the changes it’s currently going through, but not everyone is. I know several other pregnant ladies who would be reduced to tears if someone told them they looked like the front of a ship! So what about those women? Why should they be made to feel bad about their appearance? Isn’t it bad enough that we get “fat shamed” or criticised for having cellulite or stretch marks when we’re at our best, without picking on us when we’re at our most vulnerable and most uncomfortable? 

Bottom line though for me? I think people need to engage their brains before their mouths and realise that their words can be hurtful or offensive (or both!) and  maybe the next time someone has something negative to say about my body, I’ll politely point out that after feeling my body had failed me I’m more than happy to take a little weight gain if that means I have a healthy, happy little boy at the end of it. 

And on that indignant, self righteous note here’s a picture of me today at 26+4. So definitely not “due any day now”! 



16 thoughts on ““Ooh you must be due any day now”… ”

    1. Yes that’s the other thing that I find annoying – apparently because I’m pregnant my personality, interests and sense of self should all be quelled. I should only be talking about my unborn child! Drives me insane.

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