Well that shows what I know…

You may remember that when I first found out I was pregnant this time I felt I was having a little girl. I have felt that all along. Well today we had our 20 week scan and let’s just say it’s a good thing I didn’t go out and buy a load of dresses! 

So we’re having a son! July 19th is now my confirmed due date and honestly, I am half ridiculously impatient for that date to have come and gone so I can meet my little man and see his beautiful little face, and half want to pause time because I’m enjoying this pregnancy so much. I’m passed the exhaustion (actually that’s not true, I still head to bed at around 8pm most nights, but believe it or not that actually is a vast improvement!) and the nausea, and today seeing that everything is growing normally and there don’t appear to be any complications has just taken a big weight off my shoulders. I’ve also been discharged from the consultant and am back to being midwife led which was what I was hoping for. 

I’m sure that there will still be days when I’m really anxious, and I’m also sure that a certain amount of anxiety is normal anyway, but for now I am happy and content curled up for the afternoon with a good book and my little boy wriggling away. 

We really couldn’t be happier. 💙 


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