Panic stations 

I’m on my way to the hospital. I’ve had a constant dull ache in my left hip/groin since yesterday afternoon bad enough that it kept me awake last night. I tried to calm myself and get on with work and everything but by lunch time my anxiety levels were through the roof so I tried my midwife only to find that she’s on leave. I tried my GP only to be told to phone back later. So as a last resort I tried the ante natal clinic at the hospital and explained to them. They’ve told me to come in and get checked out so I left work immediately and am en route now. I am absolutely shitting myself. I’ve tried to convince myself that it’s probably just round ligament pain, but now I’m thinking if it was that obvious surely they’d have told me that over the phone. So now I’m in a right state trying to compose myself so I don’t break down on public transport in front of several strangers. 

I just needed to get these thoughts out so once again, blog friends you’ve become my dumping ground. Fingers and toes crossed pleased that everything is ok. 


4 thoughts on “Panic stations ”

  1. I hope all is ok – try not to be worried that they’ve asked you to come in and checked out, they can’t tell you over the phone as they’ll need to check you out in person. Try keep calm, I’ll be thinking of you xx

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