And breathe…

Panic over! The very lovely midwife listened to the heartbeat and baby is doing just fine. In fact he or she was kicking the Doppler the cheeky monkey! The pain I’m experiencing is round ligament pain after all so Dr Google was right at 1:30am this morning!!! 

Midwife said that its always best to come in and check, but that more often than not its nothing to worry about. She also very kindly said that anytime I’m worried I should call them, that they’re always happy to have a little listen to the heartbeat and check that everything is ok. So now I feel less like a panicky idiot and much happier for knowing that baby’s happy in there. I’ve said it before, but Royal Glamorgan Hospital is amazing. They are so fantastic and understanding there that it really makes me feel better. I feel I’m in safe hands. 

So now I’m headed home to have a soak in the bath and put my feet up for the evening. Thank you for your lovely messages of support and kindness – as always, it means so much to have your support. X 


10 thoughts on “And breathe…”

      1. LOLOL and this is why you guys get me 😊 today is better. I slept through the night for the first time. I am still hurt but I think finding out there was no infection helped put me a little closer to peace. I did what I could for my boys…that is all I can do.


      2. I’m so glad to hear that. What you’ve been through is horrendous enough without you blaming yourself for something that is sadly beyond our control. Sleep is good, it helps the healing both mentally and physically. Stay strong x

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      1. Well I can sympathize with you! I had several false alarms with round ligament pain. I eventually bought a cheap home Doppler to help with the fear. Pregnancy post-loss is so difficult. Thinking of you!

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