Happy, healthy, strong. 

It turns out that all my anxiety about today’s midwife appointment was completely unfounded. We’ve moved house and so have a different hospital now and honestly the midwives and other staff were all so so lovely today. They were smiley and excited and full of info for us (in a non scary overwhelming way obviously!) 

So, we went through the usual; blood pressure, wee sample, etc and then we got to hear little bub’s heartbeat…I’m not afraid to say I held my breath waiting for those little galloping sounds…and then there they were! The very lovely midwife let us record it (I’m pretty sure my friends and family have ensured it’s gone viral at this point!) and so we’ve listened to it a lot already. It’s such a weird, magical, lovely thing. 

I don’t know if there’s any truth to the old wives’ tale that the heart rate can indicate gender, but based on our little one’s heart rate (if you can believe the Internet) we’re having a girl. This is what I’ve felt all along, so I can believe it. We have our 20 week scan on the 1st of March so not long now to wait until we know either way. Not that we care. We’re just made up that we’ve got this far and we’re all healthy and happy. 

The midwife also asked me if I’d felt any movements yet and so I said yes I think I have but wondered if it’s too early and maybe I was just feeling what I wanted to feel. She said it’s not too early at all and that if I think I felt it, then I felt it! I’m feeling so much more relaxed and happy now. I’m really happy with my new midwife (the old one was a bit of a drip to be honest!) and she says it’s likely to be her that I see all the way through now which is lovely. 

Anyway, that’s today’s happy little update! 🙂 


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