Little wriggler! 

Last weekend I thought I felt some movements but it was sort of a one off and then that made me think I was probably imagining it, since generally the books etc say you probably won’t feel anything until about 18 weeks, and I was only 15 weeks at the time. About twenty minutes ago I felt it again, and it lasted a good few minutes so I grabbed Paul and got him to feel it too and yep! he could feel what he described as like waves. It all quieted down then, so I got Paul to talk to bump in the hopes that daddy’s voice would set her/him off again…and it worked! I got more wriggles! I’m on cloud nine right now!!

So now I’m lying in bed, waiting and hoping for more little wriggles and sobbing the happiest tears! I feel so unbelievably lucky to be experiencing this.


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