The ever expanding bump! 

LOOK AT IT! I am huge already and I couldn’t be happier!

Paul’s been away for work all week and so that’s been hard as this week I really noticed that I “popped” and he’s missed it which makes me sad. I’ve missed him talking to bump and I’ve definitely missed being cwtched and just generally basking in the happy glow of our excitement. I also didn’t realise how much he’s been helping out around the house until he wasn’t here – as a result of having to do it all myself this week I am absolutely exhausted and have had a three day headache. So that’s not great, and waking up at 3:30 the other night to be violently ill wasn’t my best day either! But Paul is about half an hour away and we have a blissful weekend of absolutely nothing planned! Just some “us” time, and plenty of relaxation. I can’t wait!

There’s been some really great news this week which I’ve been following closely on Twitter that I’m so pleased about. Tommy’s have announced that they’re working in partnership with several universities to open a centre (the largest in Europe) to research early miscarriages regardless of how many you’ve suffered. Currently under NHS rules you have to have suffered three consecutive miscarriages before they’ll even consider looking in to possible reasons as to why it’s happened. Having endured the pure heartbreak of one, I can’t imagine having to suffer three so I really feel that this centre will make a massive difference to people’s lives.

The other bit of news that I saw just today, is that a hospital in West Wales are undertaking a review of the diagnosis and treatment of miscarriage by using real women’s experiences to help shape how they move forward. So far, it’s just the one hospital doing this, however, it does signal hope that others in Wales will follow their lead and that would be a great thing. Nobody should have to suffer the poor treatment and lack of care that I did at what is already the most horrendous time.

All in all, I think positive changes are happening and that can only ever be a good thing. So I want us all to give ourselves a pat on the back, because it’s people like me and you who took the decision to be brave and talk openly about such a terrible thing that have helped get the message out there that miscarriage is nothing to be ashamed of and is something that happens way too often.

I’ve added some links to the bottom of this post so anyone interested can read more about the stories I’ve mentioned.


5 thoughts on “The ever expanding bump! ”

    1. Ohhh there is meant to be a picture! I don’t know why there isn’t one. 😦 I shall have a play now! Thank you lovely, I love reading your updates, I’m just a bit rubbish at remembering to do them!


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