9 week panic 

I haven’t posted any updates for a little while because to be honest after my early scan I did calm down and stop feeling so anxious…That lasted all of about 3 days! The panic and worry crept back in fairly quickly and culminated yesterday when I noticed some light bleeding when I went to the loo. I left work at lunch time and called my GP straight away and they were brilliant. A doctor phoned me back within minutes and within half an hour I was sat in the doctor’s surgery crying all over him! He booked me a scan at EPAU for 2:50 yesterday afternoon and fortunately Paul was home from work so we went to the hospital. It was a stressful and panicky afternoon, but all turned out OK in the end thankfully. 

We had a scan and I have to say it was a completely different experience to the first one we’d had there back in September. There were three ladies in the room with us and they asked some very basic questions and got on with the scan very quickly. As soon as they could see the heartbeat they told us so there was no hanging around. They checked that everything looked normal and the baby was the right size and everything looked well. They turned the screen to face us, and there was the little heartbeat flickering away, and then baby decided to show off for us waving his or her arms around! Paul is convinced that he/she was air drumming and is taking after daddy! It was amazing to see. 

Of course I then burst in to tears and profusely thanked everyone for seeing us and for being so lovely! We got to take a picture home with us and now we only have three weeks to wait until the 12 week scan. I’m sure that the next three weeks will be full of anxiety again, but seeing the baby moving and the heart beating definitely reassured us. 

I didn’t have any more bleeding yesterday, but this morning there was some more very light bleeding when I went to the loo. I have no idea what’s caused it, the doctor seemed to think maybe the lletz loop treatment I had back in May, but I haven’t had an internal exam to confirm this. For now I think I just need to stay calm, remind myself that baby is wiggly and happy and growing properly and keep positive that it stays that way. 


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