A problem shared…

This week would’ve marked the half way point of my pregnancy. Understandably, that’s thrown up some emotions that I’m trying desperately to keep in check. 

It’s heartbreaking to think that by now we should’ve had our second scan, should’ve known the sex, should’ve started decorating the nursery. I should be out on my lunch break buying baby clothes. But I’m not. 

I’m trying to stay positive though and not think about the “should be”. Easier said than done mind you. So, in light of my current mood and to mark this sad week with something positive I’d like to share a message with you all that I received last week. I’m sharing it because a) it makes me feel *slightly* better knowing that I’ve made a difference to someone and because b) I think it’s really important to highlight how much talking about miscarriage is needed. The more we talk, write, share our experiences the more people we touch.  

 This isn’t the first message like this I’ve received, and sadly I’m sure it won’t be the last. Every single person who’s contacted me (and there have been many) has touched me with their stories and as much as they thank me for helping them, I owe them ten times the thanks for helping me. Taking the decision to share my journey was scary, but the response I’ve had is just phenomenal. So thank you all for taking the time to contact me and for being brave enough to share. 


6 thoughts on “A problem shared…”

  1. It’s definitely a positive thing that comes from losing a baby.. and we need to focus on the positives. Of course ur still hurting, but knowing ur helping other women can help ease that.

    Still thinking of you at this time and I hope ur journey turns positive soon 🙂


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